open refrigerator with food

How to choose the right fridge for you?

The decision to get a new fridge often has many questions. Along with the advancement of technology, we are beginning to determine many factors such as efficiency, innovation, functionality or modern design. As we not only want to get the best out of cooling appliances, but also to take full advantage of our new acquisition, we should not simply be informed, but carefully analyze what are its functionalities that meet our needs and which of these represent a good long-term investment.

Therefore, I suggest that we look at the types of refrigerators and their main features, along with their innovative details, so that we can take them into account when purchasing a new appliance and be satisfied with our choices.

Depending on your food storage needs, the space you have, and the extent to which design is important to your final decision, here are the main types of refrigerators to choose from:

One door refrigerator: suitable in case you do not need a freezer; the ideal solution if you need a large storage space for food;

Two-door refrigerator: the most common type of refrigerator, with a freezer compartment at the bottom or top; they are practical and do not take up much space;

Side-by-side refrigerator: both compartments are designed for refrigerator and freezer respectively and are the same size; such an appliance is ideal if you need a compartment for efficient storage of both the foods you consume on a daily basis and those that you freeze for later use;

Three-door refrigerator: a combination of a side-by-side refrigerator with a freezer at the bottom; the advantage is that they are extremely spacious, which makes them perfect for many families.

Fridge built-in: fits in completely with kitchen decor; such refrigerators are elegant and extremely practical.

What details do we need to pay attention to when looking at refrigerators available on the market?

Energy Efficiency: Usually A to A +++. Although the prices of the most efficient refrigerators rise depending on the pros, so does their energy efficiency, ie. consume less electricity.

Cooling method: static (1) used in most refrigerators on the market, (2) dynamically with an internal fan or (3) using No Frost technology. The latest technology is one of the innovations that can reduce the number of tasks at home, since the defrosting of the refrigerator is automatic without your intervention. The cost of No Frost refrigerators is higher than that of standard refrigerators, but the advantage is extremely useful, especially for people with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Capacity: It is generally a good idea to choose a refrigerator that does not have more capacity than the one you really need. Why? The refrigerator works more economically if there is less air in it. Don’t choose too big a fridge unless you have good reason to maintain such a storage space.