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Is your oven not working properly? Oven repair - we know how to do it!

Being the heart of the household, an oven repair is an especially responsible job. Thankfully, they are a fairly simple appliance and when a problem is properly fixed it won’t come any time soon. With this in mind, if your dishes are coming out poorly cooked, let us fix it for good.

You can count on us for any repair, no matter if it’s for an electric or a gas oven, range or a stove. Just schedule an appointment today and we’ll make sure all dishes come out perfectly cooked.

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No or Unevenly Heating Oven Repair

This is the most common oven problem often related to a failing baking element. Similar to a cooktop, ovens have a coil heater that loses its thermal qualities over time. Replacing it will get the oven in factory condition. In the base-case scenario, there’s simply a blown fuse, whereas newer ovens might need mainboard replacement.  Call us today and book your oven repair.

Oven Not Starting

If there was an overload, a fuse might be blown which is a quick and easy repair. However, it could also be the infinite switch or the control board. With gas ovens, on the other hand, the source of the problem is most commonly a malfunction igniter or the safety valves.

Oven Not Self-Cleaning

If you find out that the self-cleaning feature of your oven not working, the oven control board may be defective. The oven control board has relays that send voltage to the bake/broil circuits based on sensor input. If you have a faulty oven control board, the heating components will not get the voltage they need to activate.

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Certainly, breakdowns happen when least expected and can put much strain on your budget. That’s why we offer some of the most competitive flat rate repairs in all of Las Vegas. Our standard repair is  just $99 + parts. With this in mind, you can count on us to get your appliance back in perfect working condition in the long run without having to break the bank.

Our professional technicians will look at your appliance, diagnose the problem and give you an exact quote. If you choose not to have the repair done, you pay only the $75 diagnostic fee.


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