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A delayed washer repair can lead to one of the most devastating household emergencies imaginable. Worn hoses, gaskets or a failed pump can wake you up in the middle of the night to a sea of foam pouring out of your laundry room. With this in mind, be alert to the first signs of an upcoming disaster.  

Loud scraping or humming noises and moisture or mold collecting under the washing machine are the most prominent ones. If you’re experiencing any of them, act promptly.

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Noisy Washing Machine Repair

In case you hear noises around the spinning cycle of the washing machine, there could be a problem with the drain pump or the pump motor. They should be timely replaced as they often lead to a complete breakdown and household flooding. Other potential sources of the noises could be an old drive belt or worn couplings and bearings. Replacing them on time is important as they may lead to other components failing.

Leaking Washing Machine Repair

Even heavy-duty rubber starts deteriorating after 5 years of service. Because of that all seals and gaskets are potential leak sources and have to be thoroughly inspected and replaced when needed. In case they’re holding up well, the water pump or the intake valves may be causing the problem.

Washer not Starting

Door and lid switches have a safety feature that prevents the washing machine from starting if not properly shut. In case they are broken, they might be the source of the problem. The problem could also be caused by a start switch, timer or knob failure. Minor repairs that once properly handled won’t come around for a long time.

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